Friday, September 13, 2013

State and Main: Disappointing

Recently a restaurant/bar style establishment opened up in southgate. WHICH i personally thing is GENIUS!

The only bad thing is that they haven't gotten their act together.

We went around 6pm and there was no line but lots of their tables were filled. They had section there restaurant into three parts.

I got a water and Dustin got a pop and they arrived in mason jars. So far ok nothing too special. The decor was good since it was brand new.

 We went straight for the entrees since we were starving. At this point a group of girls came and sat at the table next to us. I am assuming one of them is a server because throughout the night lots of the staff came and talked to them and I heard YOU ARE NOT WORKING.....

This brings me to one point why I am pissed off. They had arrived after us and we had ordered before they came YET they got their food and drinks FAST. (their appi came before us and their food came right after ours)

Ok second point of DISGUST is the actual food:
I ordered a bison burger and I was super excited by being able to choose 2 SIDES. I went for the jalepeno corn bread and the qinnuoa salad.
 The salad was good the corn bread was almost doughy and too dense. To top it off there was no flavor of jalepeno. DISSAPOINTED to the MAX. This was only the start. I don't really like buns and most breads so I opted out of eating the bum. THANK GOD I did because it showed me how nasty their burger really was. I know bison is lean but there is LEAN and there is ROCK HARD.

 Dustin ordered a Ruben which I actually enjoyed. IT was doused with tons of butter which I guess makes most things delicious. His fries were nasty. They were soft and did not have much flavor. I would have rather gotten my from MICDICKS and I hate medicks, His other side was the jalepeno mash potatoes. I liked it to a certain degree. You could taste the jalepeno in the mash HOWEVER the mash was extremely salt, even Dustin who loves salty food thought so.

 I took a pic of my corn bread. THIS IS PRIOR TO ME EATING IT. it already had a junk missing. I may be paranoid but it does look like someone took a bite off with their mouth or their hands. I WAS ALREADY TURNED OFF.
 This here is a super blurry stealth photo of the group of girls (3) sitting next to us. The white thing you see in the pitch darkness is her sandal in which she put up on the seat as she ate. She also picked at her feet while she ate. THIS IS THE GIRL that is supposedly an off duty staff member. I WAS GROSSED OUT. The proximity of her feet and table to me was about the size of a normal BMI person.
 HEre is some photo evidence of how nasty my burger was after I dissected it. There were fork marks to scrape off the burnt and the onions on it were so RAW and powerful I teared up.

SO I would not go back for the bison....

The manager found out about my disgust with the meal and he comped the price of my burger... I just hope they don't do it again. What kind of establishment is ok with burning a burger or over cooking it and using a fork or some sort of scrapper to scratch off the burnt parts.

Here is a sample of the menu which actually really reminds me of Joeys and Earls.

Would I come back again?

Not for a while. Maybe they will shape up in a bit.

I really cannot go for another rock hard flavourless burger. HOWEVER, I do give a place usually 3 strikes so I will visit again to see if they got better.

PS unlike Joeys and Earls the waitresses were not really attractive at all.

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