Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lite Affair: Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria

So today Karly and I took an adventure to Famoso for lunch. We both had eaten their previously but thought it would be perfect for a quick and light lunch. After only having coffee for breakfast from starbucks, we were both ready to EAT OUR HEARTS OUT.

Upon arriving at Famoso we were created by a friendly manager (perhaps he was?) and we found a seat at table one. We quickly ordered and decided on the lunch special and also a dessert of nutella pizza.

Here is a sample of their menu. For those that have not been to a FAMOSO, you pretty much get seated then you look at their menu and you self order on a piece of paper where you put your table number then bring it to the till and pay for it first before you get your food. I guess i really like how they do that since you get the paying out of the way and it also cuts costs when you do it yourself and not the waiter/ waitress.

Here is a sample of what we ate:
This was a tomato bisque with a margherita pizza. it was only 10 dollars and such a good deal. The bisque was delicious, decadent and not super heavy thug there is cream in it. The pizza was so fresh (it literally was made just a few min before) and I loved the tangy ness of the sauce used on the pizza. It was simple ,elegant and didn't weigh you down. Their website says that the flour and tomato used is straight from Italy and is cooked in an authentic bell oven for 90 seconds at 900 degree F.
That is wicked quick time which makes for a fast lunch when you have limited amount of time.

Karly also got the soup since we both LOVE it but she got tomatoes added on top of her MEAT loving pizza. I didn't have a taste of hers but by the speed she devoured it ... it must have been good.

The above picture is our dessert. It was nutella pizza with bananas and whip cream and caramel drizzle. OMG so good and only 6 dollars. I love it when its still hot/ warm and the nutella just melts and the whip cream is cold at the same time. Great sensations in the mouth. (MOUTH ORGASIM  =))

All in all lovely lunch and excellent for the price paid. I would recommend going often =)
I have also heard the one on Jasper Ave is the best one of them all. I have ate there too and I can't really tell the different but I know that one is always jam packed. The one we went to was at south edmonton common.
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