Friday, February 8, 2013


So here is a little gem of a place that I often go to. Perhaps I am a bit biased since it is convenient for me geographically and I happen to know the chef, some of the servers and also enjoy their HAPPY HOUR days.

Here is a sample of their menu:

This promotion has lasted for a while, I believe it started around October 2012.

Though Nomniya is known for their Ramen I learned that their ramen chef is not Japanese certified. However, I have tried their Ramen multiple times and though it is not perfection it is pretty good considering the lack of Ramen stores in Edmonton, especially Edmonton South. My all time favourite roll out of the selection would be their dragon roll. The picture below is what is served up to your table from the sushi chef. (They have an open bar concept where you can see him make all your food sushi wise)Then a waiter comes over with a flame torch and tobiko in a cute little dish.

This next photo shows the flame blowing action:
It really doesn't get old and I have seen it maybe 20 some times.
The end result:

The torching makes the special mayo on the roll a delicious and decadent flavour. It is not only deep and creamy but has a hint of bitterness that works well with the BBQ eel hidden inside as well as the salmon sashimi on top of the roll. I love the crunch of the tobiko that rests on top and I must admit I even use my finger to wipe the excess off on the plate. DELICIOUS.

I have also tried the: tuna tataki, everything off the $3 menu and most off the $5 menu. The salmon sashimi comes in huge slabs but there are only 5 slices. I also recommend the crispy paradise the tangy sauce in it is divine. Here is a little collage I made from one of my visits to Nomniya

TONIGHT (FEB 8) i revisited nomniya since I forgot a lunch and went for a ramen : spicy miso style
it was surprisingly delicious and not super spicy. WELL NOT FOR AN ASIAN. =)
There was little bits of bamboo shoot in it that was sweet and really well infused. The broth was delicious to and had many deep flavours which complemented the sweetness of the bamboo shoot and the corn. There was also pork slices that were super tender and  had great flavour. The ramen itself (noodle) was ok not the super best but definitely edible and when you are hungry you can pretty much eat anything. The soup wasn't too greasy but just right.

MORE PHOTOS to make you hungry :

 bento box combo 1 :  soba and sashimi
 bento box combo 2 : tempura and teriyaki chicken  with rolls
 tuna tataki off their happy hour mnu
another bento but with different sides ( yummy yummy tofu)

their boat was delicious except for one roll with  cream cheese in it (chef's pick) I was not into that

Nomiya: Tapas Sushi and Ramen on Urbanspoon

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