Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pho Place: Pagolac House

I eat a lot of pho and vermicelli bowls in many cities and at many restaurants. I have standards now and now longer just happily slurp the soup of any pho or appreciate the colours of a vermicelli bowl.

My favourite place to eat so far is Co Du Hue (post coming soon). I like the broth of their bon bu hue I like their toppings for their vermicelli bowls. Their service is fast their food is good the only bad thing is IT IS SO FAR AWAY. NORTH SIDE

So on Sunday my family asked if I wanted to join them for lunch. OF COURSE.. free meals are the staple for a struggling student trying to make it in life.

We tried one other pho place near Moksha yoga ALAS it was closed. Defeated and hungry at 1:30 pm we went to Pagolac House (my brother suggested it) This was great because we had been talking about taxes and doing our taxes and looking at all our documents. I WAS FRAZZLED and in need of food ASAP

 This is the outside of the restaurant. This pho place is in the middle of no where in the argyll industrial area ( close to Won Jung Gak) . To me it looks a bit shady and dirty looking but that is usually where you find gems.

 There is a narrow hallway with washrooms and fish tanks on the side. This is one of their fish tanks. I think these fish are just decorative and not edible...

 We asked for our raw meat on the side so that the meat would not be over cooked. There is some blood oozing... I didn't get food poisoning so it can't have been that bad.

 This is my sauce for the 5 colours bowl . IT was tangy and sweet. Good fish sauce but not the best.
 This is the special pho I think that had everything in it. The broth was super salty though so I had to get warm water to add into it.
 Happy dustin to be fed.
 Mama and papa .. as you can see form the back decor. IT IS OLD my table was wobbly.
 My 5 colours came I liked the peanuts and mint leaves in it but I hate those pink balls . I don't' consider that meat.
My mom's pho with the tendons in it, as you can see the brit his super oily. Prob had msg in it too.

Well would I go back? It is quite near where I live, the stuff wasn't horrible at all in comparison to other pho places. It is not Co Du Hue but its doable. I saw other people eating different stuff as I was walking out (some sort of hot pot set up?) maybe if I try that kind of stuff I will be more GUNG HO?

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