Friday, March 15, 2013

Sushi on Burbon Street: Oranj

My love for sushi will never die, neither will my love for shopping or going to TNT. So what happens when you go to WEM you hit up the stores and now you are tired and need food? You wander over to Bourbon Street. There is the usual stores: hooters, moxies, jungle jim and the now closed DELUX BURGER, but what caught my eye was the little sushi place called ORANJ. 

Most things down Burbon Street is $$ in price or above but I find ORANJ to be $$$ especially if you want to full. 

LOCATION: Suite 1648, 8882 170 St NW #1648  Edmonton, AB T5T 4M2
Their Website: CLICK HERE 

I must say they got some pretty good decor and the colour scheme really speaks to me. I really hate eating at a place that doesn't have a good vibe or atmosphere. 
This place is quite tiny actually in comparison with the other food place on BOURBON STREET. Despite how small it is I have never seen a huge line either. 

Here is an online version of their menu though it doesn't include their prices: CLICK HERE

We ordered the typical california roll ( my boyfriend is white after all) and we had the dynamite roll. I don't remember the exact price anymore and I didn't keep the receipt but I believe each roll was min $7 dollars +. The sushi itself was nothing too special, I guess we ordered two very generic rolls so there really isn't anything fancy you can do to them. The rice was good the ingredients fresh but nothing spectacular. (best rice is still at WASABI
We decided to share the dinner bento box and this was actually worth it. I believe the box was around $25 + but it was FULLY LOADED.

For one person to eat this bento, it is not impossible but very hard. The best part was the beef and the sauce they put on the beef. This bento is called the "Sushi Chef's Bento Box" and comes with many varieties to choose from. As you can see we opted for Sushi and got an assortment of tempura and went for the beef shogayaki. The tempura was ok nothing exciting and we got one shrimp. I enjoyed how many sides there were including the extra california rolls, the salad, spring rolls and edamame. 

Service was ok, waitress came around a few times to fill up our glasses. 

We also got their red velvet cake and it was surprisingly delicious. The cake itself was moist and the cream cheese was decadent. The additional chocolate decoration was good too and I loved dipping my cake into the white and milk chocolate. 

Would I come back again? If I am craving and in WEM and on Burbon Street. 
What would I order? Probably their bento box since its the most bang for its buck.

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