Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rushing to RUSH a fine dining experience

A while back I had headed to calgary for a weekend trip in celebration of Dustin's birthday. I went to one restaurant that I can never forget. In honor of Dustin's BIG 2.5 we decided to go full out and spend monies to our content... even if it meant we would be broke after the weekend. (please refer to upcoming post for our other adventures in calgary that weekend) 

I googled FINE DINING in calgary and found a place downtown calgary called : Rush

LOCATION: 100-207 9 Ave SW , CalgaryAB T2P1K3

Type of Food: Fine dining Western

For more pictures of their food and info visit their website: Click HERE 

We walk in and good thing we made reservations ahead of time. We were asked immediately by a friendly waiter if we wanted "bubbly or still water". Dustin who always had tap water was CONFUSED (lol) We also got complimentary champagne since it was a birthday event.(save $10 each woot) 

To start off we got what I call TRI-BREAD.

As you can see it is LEGITlY TRI ! It is three different types of bread put together My favorite is that almost purprle lump there. I don't remember what it is made out of just remember it had lots of flavour and when paired with WHIPPED butter it was DIVINE. WE consumed 2 plates of this tri bread before our appi came.

We went for scallops for our appi and for $16.50 I thought that there would be more than 2 ! Yes these scallops were GINORMOUS, SUCCULENT and DIVINE but I was very scarred at the price and how much you get. This is fine dinning I guess. (AKA made for skinny or anorexic people) The little bits of bacons was awesome alongside with some cashews that were split open. The apple fennel slaw decorated these scallops adding more flavour. 

Earlier that day I had already had 3 meals but I was still H-U-N-G-R-Y. The appi did not help with the hunger I was still craving. We looked at the mains and went for the most expensive ones... I was hoping that I would get a bigger portion.

Off course Dustin went for some steak like main I think its the 45 Day aged heritage angus beef tenderloin. $42.50 His main was actually pretty big.

I went for the albertan rack of lamb with gras pistas, balsamic lentils and spring vegetables. The presentation was awesome and the food is delicious. Too BAD it was sooo little. I had to chew extra small bites so I didn't finish early and look at Dustin eat his food. This main was $39

WA BANG. I was still hungry but it was great flavor, great service.

I would definitely come back. AGAIN AND AGAIN but I probably need a real job for that. I didn't get a dessert since I had order a gourmet one from a nearby bakeshop.

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